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Welcome to the dedicated homepage for the Eygthene 24 or Kiwi 24 sailing boat. The designer, Ron Holland, made the drawings in the early seventies to compete in the IOR 18 rule. When you pronounce 18 in New Zealand accent it sounds like the name of the boat : Eygthene.

Much of the information on this site has been contributed by members, and any information followed by this Edit can be edited. Simply login to do so.

On this website you can find detailed information about the Eygthene 24 / Kiwi 24, cabin roof picture Photos and articles from owners or enthusiasts of all over the world and information of all registered owners.

history of Eygthene victorys

On the Buy & Sell page you can sell things related to the Eygthene. When you have questions or want to exchange knowledge about the Eygthene, the Forum is there for you.

The Members section of the site is there so you can add your own boat details to the owners page, as well as requesting information about the boat, selling items or adding to the Photos & Articles page.

I hope you enjoy this website. If you have any questions, information or requests, please feel free to contact the site designer.

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Some of the pictures and the Eygthene 24 logo are copyrighted to Ron Holland Design. They have been used on this site by the kind permission of Ron Holland.